Standard Cart : Php 350,000

The application process to get a franchise is simple, we recommend that you prepare all documents necessary to speed up the process. The following will be asked from you once you have expressed interest:

Letter of Intent (please include your desired location and reason/s why you want to franchise)

Map of your desired location (a sketch will do)

Photos of your desired location

Filled out application form (kindly request for the form)

2 Valid IDs

Kiosk : Php 400,000

We have multiple store type (franchise package) options at various price ranges. Please take note that the store type you get is hugely dependent on the location that you pick.

In-Line Store : Php 410,000 - Php 500,000

Once we have identified your interest, our team will schedule a meeting with you where we can give you a short presentation of our products, profit margins, break-even analysis, payback period and ROI.